Chase Rice says when Jack Daniels speaks, you listen, which may be bad news for fans of the country singer and the whiskey. No longer can they count on free sips while Rice sings the tribute song from Lambs & Lions during live shows.

The wobbly, guitar-soaked rocker is called "Jack Daniels Showed Up," and Rice says it came about when he and a buddy were clearing trees and brush at his property in Tennessee. Early in the afternoon they took a few sips of the good stuff ... and proceeded to not get any more work done after that.

"That led to that song which I played live one time in Pittsburgh," Rice tells Taste of Country. "Man, I started pouring jack to everybody on stage, from the stage."

Eventually Rice would bring on Jack Daniels as a sponsor, and company spokespeople could tell his support was genuine. But they told him: "But let’s just not pour out entire bottles onstage anymore."

"Jack Daniels did have to ask me to rein it in," Rice admits. "And when Jack Daniels speaks, you listen."

The Lambs & Lions album will drop on Nov. 17. It's Rice's second studio album and his first on Broken Bow Records after splitting from Sony Music Nashville due to creative differences.

Wait Chase Rice! We've Got One Last Question!

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