Chely Wright is pregnant, expecting twins this summer with wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright. As is the case with expectant moms, Wright, an active Twitter user, shared a photo of 'Baby A' and his or her foot via social media. Aww.

The singer, who made headlines a few years ago when she came out as a lesbian to the country community, posted a happy tweet about her growing babies. Well, in this case, one of her growing babies. "Isn't that the cutest thing ever!? RT“@lulublitzer: Ultrasound heaven. Baby A foot," Wright tweeted, responding to a post from Blitzer.

There are few things cuter than proud moms-to-be! We look forward to the singer sharing photos of 'Baby B' and even more parts of 'Baby A' as the twins grow and develop, both in the womb and outside of it.

Wright, 42, and Blitzer-Wright, 31, will be first-time parents when they welcome their twins later this year. The babies are due in July, but they are expected to arrive early, as is often the case with multiple births.


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