For years, the Chevy brand was associated with Bob Seger's song 'Like a Rock.' But in a new series of commercials, a country song represents the toughness of Chevy trucks. Can you guess which song it is?

The Will Hoge song 'Strong' is the soulful country ballad in this commercial.

The 60-second clip starts off with a strumming guitar and gorgeous camera work featuring a man opening a barn door, a truck driving through rolling hills and a Chevy driving into a sunset. Of course, the well-recognized Chevy symbol is featured prominently from the get-go.

'Strong' speaks about the strength of hardworking, dependable men and women. As Hoge sings a verse about a red-blooded American male busting his tail for 20 years and staying devoted to his spouse, the commercial shows a man running a power saw and hugging his wife.

As the song progresses, you realize that the commercial isn't just about one man -- it's about the people who make America great, like construction workers, baseball coaches and fishermen. At the end, a voiceover simply says, "The all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado. Strong for all the roads ahead."

It looks like Chevy is hoping that consumers will start to associate their brand with Hoge's 'Strong,' just like people did with 'Like a Rock' back in the 1990s. With the catchy tune and nostalgic country twang, it'll be hard not to get this song stuck in your head.

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