Chris Cagle is looking forward to this year's Thanksgiving more than any other one in the past. On Thursday, Cagle will spend the day cooking away to spoil his wife and daughters and creating those special memories for them to reflect back on years from now.

"I’ve always had a lot to be thankful for, and I’ve always been a very grateful human being, but this is when I get to start creating traditions in my family," Cagle tells Taste of Country. "My wife and I are starting the memories for our children. I had this idea … you know how most people eat around noon? Well, our Thanksgiving dinner is going to be about five or six [o'clock] each year. The reason I am doing that is because most people do eat at noon, and one day my kids are going to be married and they are going to have husbands. So that way they can go to the in-laws at noon, and they’ll know that we always have dinner around six."

In addition to the Cagles Thanksgiving feast, which this year will consist of a deep-fried turkey and a potato and celery root gratin, the singer is wanting to bring up a little of his own childhood to share with his family in the late morning.

"I want to have kind of a late brunch that’s special," he explains. "Being from Louisiana and my heritage, my grandmother used to make these biscuits, but they were made with whole cream. They were so amazing. My pawpaw used to make this craw fish gravy. So I’m thinking we’re going to have a Creole Cajun biscuits and crawfish gravy with a poached egg and fried green tomatoes, kind of like an eggs Benedict."

Once he's through with his feasts this week, Cagle will head back into the studio, where he is wrapping up work on his highly anticipated new album that's slated for release in early 2012. The first single from the album is his Top 40 hit 'Got My Country On,' which is at radio now.

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