Chris Janson's new single 'Cut Me Some Slack' aims for the center of the road and finds it with familiar lyrics of love beneath the moonlight and wild boys being tamed. 

The verses are short, but effective in setting up the action. There's space to be filled in by the listener -- something critical to country storytelling -- but it's this singer's vocal performance that will ultimately decide its fate with fans and radio. Janson is full of energy and confidence as he sings:

"Girl, you might just like some country road moonlight / Dancing in the lights of my headache rack / Think about that, yeah think about that / Is there any chance / You could cut me some slack."

The whine of a pedal steel roots 'Cut Me Some Slack,' although the song doesn't fall neatly into the traditional category. There's clearly some rock influence with Janson, but he doesn't let it take over his music.

Why Fans Will Love It: Janson has great energy, and he takes command of what he's singing better than many in Nashville.

Key Lyrics: "Give me the green light, give me just one night / Girl, if you don't like how I roll / You can say, no thanks, don't ever call me / Forget you ever saw me, forget my name"

Did You Know?: Janson's wife may be responsible for his biggest songwriting hit. They were listening to demos when she stopped him and told him he had a smash. The song? 'Truck Yeah,' eventually recorded by Tim McGraw. Kelly Lynn Janson also works for Curb Records and is a correspondent for Inside Music Row.

Listen to Chris Janson, 'Cut Me Some Slack'