Chris Janson is the king of good moods. His new song "Good Vibes" finds the singer doing what he does best: what's most honest.

The forever-smiling, usually talking and definitely caffeinated Janson built a career on "Buy Me a Boat," the feel-good song of the summer in 2015. "Good Vibes" might steal another summer. It's not just an infectious melody that makes the singalong so lovable and easy to imagine beachside — it's the singer's message at a time when after burying our heads in news, social media and life, we deserve to look up and find something worth smiling about.

Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley and Janson have penned a momentary distraction from trying to change the world, something Janson tried to do with some success on his last single "Drunk Girl." Expect more of the same on his next studio album. During a media and industry preview event in late January, he shared five songs that all came with good vibes.

Did You Know?: Janson tells Taste of Country that one thing that can ruin his good vibes is television, and not just news programs.

Hold on Chris, We Have One Last Question:

Chris Janson's "Good Vibes" Lyrics:

I ain’t watching TV today / Bad news it can just stay away / If you ain’t got anything good to say then shut your mouth / I got my windows down and my blinders on / Radio set to my favorite song / All green lights on the road I’m on and there ain’t no doubt.

I’m getting them good vibes / I’m living this good life / I’m breathing on God’s time / And I ain’t gonna waste one breath / I’m soaking it all up / I got me a full cup / And there ain’t nothing gonna spill it, nothing gonna kill it / Waving them worries goodbye / I’m feeling the good vibes.

I ain’t trying to hear the negative / I’m just trying to change the narrative / It’s simply imperative that we all have a damn good time.

I got a good girl / She got a good smile / I kiss her good morning, I kiss her good night / We keep it on the up, that’s how we get down / So don’t be coming around / Unless you got them good vibes.

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