A song like Chris Janson's "Holdin' Her" runs the risk of being too personal for fans to interpret as their own story, and this big country ballad absolutely is. However, in this case Janson's love story is inspiring and impossible to turn away from.

"Holdin' Her" is a staple of Janson's live show — he usually proceeds it with the lengthy story of how he met wife, Kelly. She had kids from a previous relationship, which he lovingly refers to as "bonus kids." Typically you're in love with his charming honkytonk style and Jerry Lee Lewis stage act by the time he gets to the ballad. And then he keeps pouring it on.

It's impossible not to hear the wide smile on Janson's face as he sings this song. The almost voyeuristic look into his personal life will pick you up in a giant bear hug, shake you around and set you back down feeling better about your own love life. No need to get too deep into his lyrics or the arrangement. "Holdin' Her" just feels good. Damn good.

Did You Know?James Otto helped Janson write "Holdin' Her."

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Chris Janson, “Holdin’ Her” Lyrics:

“I’ve woke up in places I couldn't remember / Who's lying next to me or even how I got there / It's hard to believe that's how I used to roll / But one Tuesday night in an underground pool hall / I met her at the bar, it was right around last call / She stole my heart and I started down a new road.”

“And when I'm holdin' her / It's like peace on Earth / Where time stands still / Love's the only thing, yeah that I feel / When she's in my arms / No matter where we are / You know I'm right at home when I'm holdin' her.”

“On a park bench on 4th street I popped the question / And to my amazement she actually said yes / And tears filled my eyes as I slipped a ring on her hand / Then a few short years later into the world / Came a six pound eight ounce sweet baby girl / And ever since that day I tell ya, I've been a brand new man.”

“Yeah I'm right at home / Lord knows I'm right at home / Yeah I'm right at home when I'm holdin' her.”

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