When it comes to country musicians, cowboy hats are serious business. We're not sure whether Chris Young is trying to prove that he's not going bald, or if he's just trying to give his stylish hair a breather -- but the 'The Man I Want to Be' hitmaker has been spotted without his signature Stetson as of late.

"The biggest thing for me is I feel like I can wear a hat, or I can not wear a hat, and I'm kind of enjoying not wearing one right now," Young tells The Boot. "Really, the biggest thing is it's been, everybody's like, 'Holy crap. We can see your face when you're onstage.' And the other thing, and it sounds funny, but I'm going up to people and I'm like, 'You know I'm 25, right?' And they say, 'Yeah.' It's like, 'So, why do you think I didn't have hair?' No one can explain it. They just laugh."

Thankfully, the singer -- who is set to release his next album, 'Neon,' later this year -- maintains his full head of hair. But he insists that hat or no hat, he's still as country as all get out. "I don't think me with a hat on or a hat off ... I'm going to be country as crap, regardless," Young relishes. "I'm just kind of exploring it and enjoying it."

Young is currently gearing up to release the music video for his most recent chart-topping single, 'Tomorrow,' and the coy singer promises that while the hat will make an appearance in some scenes, it will perform a disappearing act in others. "There's a lot of stuff in the new video we just shot," he says. "There's a shot of me with the hat. There's a shot of me not wearing it. The photo shoot we did there's stuff, hat and no hat. So, it's just kind of keeping people on their toes."