Single singer Chris Young is an eligible bachelor who knows a thing or two about dating, so the man behind 'Tomorrow' shared two crucial ingredients of a successful first date recipe with KILT.

Young said that a quality dinner location is key because it "forces you to sit across from the table from the person and have conversation. To me, if I can't have a good conversation with somebody, it's just not going to happen."

Young also suggested that a nice place is essentially like a first impression that will further the possibility of a follow-up date. He said, "Taking them somewhere nice on the guy end of things is probably going to help your chances a lot more. A nice first date at McDonald's probably will not lead to a second date." Because really, how much deep, thought-provoking conversation can happen over a Big Mac and fries? Young finished, "Somewhere with good steak and good wine is always important."

You hear that, gentleman? Chris Young just dispensed some important dating advice. Store it in your mental hard drive and use this information when planning your next date with that lady who has caught your eye.

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