Chris Young's "Hangin' On" is his catchiest single in five years. The crooner's playful love song takes the pressure off of romance and finds him delightfully in the middle of a love that's going just swimmingly.

It's not the ear worm "Aw Naw" was in 2013, but it's close. "Hangin' On" is less abrasive than that country-rocker. More and more Young is choosing songs that highlight his vocals first at the expense of outsized production. That's a smart move when you're one of the sturdiest country vocalists in Nashville.

Young, Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge riff off the idea of two lovers hanging on to one another. No one is going to win a CMA for Song of the Year with this song, but it's an easy radio smash that will further argue for Losing Sleep as Young's best album to date. The title track may have stretched his artistry. This second single from his most recent album solidifies his brand.

Wait Hold On Chris Young! We've Got One Last Question! 

Chris Young's "Hangin' On" Lyrics:

I’m a few drinks in but that ain’t the reason / I’m all tongue tied and my breath’s leaving this fast / I can’t get past / Those blue eyes shining, they keep drawing / Me in to you, got me falling off track / You get me like that.

Yeah, I’m hangin’ on, hangin’ on / To every word you say, every move you make / I’m hangin’ on, hangin’ on / Wondering what’s up next, girl, I can’t wait / Ain’t nothing like spinning you around the room / Where everyone can see / You hangin’ on, hangin on to me .

It ain’t the song and it ain’t the playlist / It’s every smile coming off of your sweet lips, yeah / That makes me wanna stay here / No this ain’t a one night, one-time thing / You always light me up like a flame and it’s clear / Every time you’re near.

So let me pull you a little closer / Even when the music’s over.

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