Spring was in the air last Tuesday afternoon (March 27) as Chris Young and hit songwriter Luke Laird were honored in Nashville for their recent No. 1 song, 'You.'

The song topped the charts back in January, giving Young his fifth consecutive No. 1 single of his red-hot career. "I would love to sit here and be like 'that's not a big deal,' but it is a huge deal to me," Young told Taste of Country at the party, speaking about his ongoing streak at the top of the charts. "I was so excited that we got five in a row. That's really, really hard to do."

Many may be surprised by the fact that 'You' was the very first time Young and Laird joined forces to write a song.

"We were just kind of going into it blind," Young said of the co-write that produced 'You.' "I remember right after we wrote this, I called my manager. I was like, 'We wrote this killer song ... it's got this R&B kind of feel to it, but it's a country song.' It was so cool and so different from everything else we had. It became a lot of peoples' favorite song on the record. It was really a cool experience, not only getting to write with Luke, but have a song like this because it's different. In my head, if you would had taken the R&B track 'I'll Take You There' and then made a country song out of that somehow. That's kind of what we ended up with."

But Young isn't the only one whose career is on fire these days. Laird isn't doing too shabby either churning out chart-topping hits. 'You' marks his ninth No. 1 single, following recent smash hits such as 'A Little Bit Stronger' (Sara Evans), 'Take a Back Road' (Rodney Atkins) and 'Drink in My Hand' (Eric Church). In addition to his success as a winning songwriter, Laird was also recently recognized by the Academy of Country Music when he was included as one of the five nominees (along with Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, David Lee Murphy, and the winner of the trophy, Dallas Davidson) in their Songwriter of the Year category.

"This was the first year they did a category for songwriters," Laird said at the party. "The only thing I've ever been nominated for was like Rebound King at my Junior High basketball camp [laughs]! It's was just super cool to be nominated. The other writers [in the category] are pretty much all people I've written with or been writing with, so I was in good company."

While plaques and trophies were handed out for the songwriters, party-goers enjoyed the spring-themed spread in the lobby of the CMA building. Pastel flower cupcake wrappers filled the various tables containing grape tomatoes, miniature carrots and mixed nuts, which sat along side ceramic flower pots filled with other tasty treats -- like multi-colored liquorish, mini chocolate Easter eggs and Jolly Ranchers.

Young's latest single (and more than likely his soon-to-be sixth consecutive No. 1 hit!) is 'Neon,' the title track of his current album on RCA Records.