Chris Young's kitchen accident turned out to be much more than a simple stitch-and-repair injury. The singer's hand required two surgeries, and he'll be in a cast for a total of six weeks.

One of the surgeries Young underwent reconnected tendons in his left hand. However, his mother Becky Harris says that after keeping his hand elevated for 48 hours, he can still move his fingers, which is a great sign.

She gave an update on her Facebook page, saying his fingers are “looking good color wise," and added, "He will be in a soft caste (sic) for another two weeks, then in a hard caste for the next 4 after that (so 6 weeks total). I am not sure how long the stitches stay in - there are a LOT of them. His surgeon did a great job on the second surgery, and obviously we can't see the repair work due to the caste.”

Young missed the opportunity to play at LP field for the CMA Fest; however he will resume playing shows this weekend:

The 'Who I Am With You' singer is expected to tour with Dierks Bentley on his Riser Tour this July.