Chris Young is not about to let pride get in the way of love in his new song "Right Now." The track — released on Friday (Jan. 12) — finds the singer abandoning every excuse not to call the woman he can't get off his mind.

"Right Now" opens by setting the scene for our two lovers: It's two o-clock in the morning and neither can sleep because of deep feelings of loneliness. The pair have a fragmented romantic history that continues to linger. Young can't figure out why they continue to live in misery when they can choose to be happy instead.

At last, he comes to the conclusion that if the two of them are going to reconcile, he'll have to make the first move.

"We can't bring ourselves to burn a bridge / We might have to walk back across / When it's late and we're lonely, don't wanna move on / And our pride is the only cost / 'Cause that fire's still burnin' / And I don't think you wanna let it go out / So if you won't say it, girl, I'll say it / "What are you doin' right now?" Young sings in the chorus.

The music video piggybacks on the song's setting, with Young and his flame pining for one another in an empty house. It's the middle of the night with rain pouring down outside, and a flash of lightning reveals the shadow of his lover on the wall.

Young is back in his wheelhouse with "Right Now." He's no stranger to love songs, and this new one is similar to his No. 1 hit "I'm Coming Over" with its "love conquers all" ideology.

Written by Young alongside Chris DeStefano and Josh Hoge, "Right Now" is the second offering from his upcoming ninth studio album, Young Love & Saturday Nights. The project is scheduled for release on March 22. It will be Young's largest album to date, with 18 tracks.

The album shares its name with the lead single, which arrived in Sept. Young has also announced plans for the Young Love & Saturday Nights Tour. The 10-date trek runs April 25 through May 17.

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