County singer Chris Young -- who is experiencing success with his hit song 'Voices,' which is about getting advice from your family --  opened up about his romantic side on KMPS.

When the tables were turned and Young was asked about the real-life dating advice bestowed upon him by his father or grandfather, Young joked, "I think it was 'Stay away from girls, they will ruin you. I am kidding. I got great advice, especially [from] my stepdad. My stepdad was like the coolest. I couldn't have hand picked a better dad. He was always giving me blunt and honest dating advice."

As for the coolest stepdad's first date advice? "My dad was totally like screwing me up, too. He was going, 'Look now, her dad is going to say have her home at 8. You have her home at 7:30.' My dad screwed me on being able to be romantic because he proposed to my mom on Valentine's Day and then asked us for permission to marry our mom!" Young said he could never trump his stepdad after that moment.

Young said that his last romantic deed was a simple one. "If I could remember … I gave up," he laughed before coming up with a memory. "The last really romantic thing I did was took someone to a really nice dinner, bought an expensive bottle of wine, and just had like a two-hour dinner with somebody. I turned my phone off."

It is hard for someone like Young to turn his phone off, and not just because he's a music star in high demand and needs to be in constant contact with his team of handlers or his manager. He is addicted to playing 'Angry Birds,' one of the most downloaded apps, on his phone.