Chris Young’s "Sober Saturday Night" is an undeniably traditional country ballad that finds the singer healing heartbreak with heavy amounts of self-pity. Sparse production frames this vocal showcase — a made-for-a-television-awards-show moment with Vince Gill.

Gill provides heavy harmonies at the chorus, and his voice is an interesting contrast to Young’s deep baritone. While Young muscles his way through the hurt, the country legend is more delicate. This dichotomy makes the unlikely pair a compelling listen.

Lyrically, "Sober Saturday Night" is all chorus. The second verse is just three short lines before Young again climbs his emotional ladder back to the top of the drama. Steel guitar and piano help him get there — it’s a personal performance that leaves one wondering who left him so scarred and how long ago.

Did You Know?: Young's previous single was also a collaboration. "Think of You" went to No. 1 in just 15 weeks.

Listen to Chris Young (Feat. Vince Gill), "Sober Saturday Night"

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Chris Young's "Sober Saturday Night" Lyrics:

"I feel terrible / Sunlight’s hurting my eyes / So I pull the shades and I make my place as black as night / I feel miserable / And I’m missing you and me / Another Sunday morning all alone underneath these sheets."


"No I’m not hung over, it’s true / But I’m still not over you / All messed up, all strung out / I was sitting at home breaking down / I’m not out there getting high / Underneath some neon lights / Ain’t no whiskey strong enough to make things right / I’m just getting over another sober Saturday night."

"Besides the pain / I don’t feel a thing / When my buddies call me up I just let it ring."

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