Chris Young's mostly black and white video for 'You' pays homage to the 1950s and an era gone by. He plays a gas station attendant, and judging by the parade of women who drive through to fill up, he's also the resident hunk. It seems like the ladies have no need to top off their tanks and are only pulling up to catch a glimpse of Young.

The singer is passing the idle time playing guitar in the gas station vestibule when a brunette beauty pulls up. Her red convertible and beret are the only splashes of color. Young fills 'er up and they exchange flirtatious looks as he wipes the car and she steals a glance in the rear view. Sparks fly without words being spoken or any physical contact made.

Another gal -- this one is a brunette with a yellow convertible and matching scarf -- pulls in and she's much more forward. She gets out of the car, peeks at his rump and gets suggestive, touching him and flirting more outwardly. She's a sassy one.

A third vehicle rolls up -- a blonde in an electric blue car this time. Her sweater and heels are bright blue, as well. She gets out of the car, kicks her tire and flirts a little less obviously with Young. She's almost a combo of the two who came before her.

Next, we see Young as he puts his guitar in his dark blue truck and winds up driving past the three girls acting all giddy together. He has that effect on the ladies.

Watch the Chris Young 'You' Video