If you think Chuck Wicks is nervous about sharing the stage with Josh Turner and other country stars in front of 20,000 screaming music fans at Buffalo, N.Y.'s WYRK Taste of Country concert tonight, June 3, well, let's just say he's slayed bigger dragons this week. And we mean that almost literally, because Wicks shot and felled a 700-pound alligator just two days ago.

Wicks told the full story to WYRK's Wendy Lynn in an exclusive interview during soundcheck preparations for the big show tonight: "I was 45 miles north of Gainesville [Florida], on my first gator hunt, with the outdoor channel. Somehow, I ran across a 12 foot, 700-pound alligator and I shot it with my bow."

Although he's a noted deer hunter, Wicks seems to humbly credit beginner's luck for some part of his big catch. "It was really cool to have that, and to have it on film," he admits. "When a gator guide says you got the gator of a lifetime, you should be proud."

Wicks also says that if he could have written any song in country history, it would be Dolly Parton's 'I Will Always Love You,' partially for the checks and partially because it's so good. And, because as a childhood baseball player he always loved playing in baseball stadiums such as Buffalo's Coca Cola Field.

Which brings us back to tonight's big show. In addition to Turner, who spoke to WYRK earlier in the day, Easton Corbin, Chris Young and Josh Thompson -- who also chatted with the station, will all perform under what's expected to be beautiful skies and temperatures. A few tickets are still available, check out the station's official website for all the details.

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