With "She's Gone," Chuck Wicks leaves behind more questions than answers, but he sure sounds good doing it. The brooding lost-love song is dark with imagery one can’t help but fall into.

It’s the arrangement and production that truly make the new song from Wicks’ Turning Point album special. A steampunk rock vibe hovers just above the well-placed piano notes and constant pick of a banjo. An occasional cry from pedal steel balances out the song’s alt-rock aspirations.

Vocally, Wicks holds back for most of "She's Gone." Even when the song slows to a halt after the first verse, he only steps forward. Later he gets to lean back and remind everyone why he's such a promising vocalist. The second chorus is cathartic.

Jeffrey East and Brett Tyler wrote “She’s Gone” with Wicks. At the end it’s not clear what their story is about — the lyrics are dark, abstract and twisted. We only get the sense that the singer let someone beautiful (and likely dangerous) slip from his grasp and regrets it.

Did You Know?: Don't fall into thinking "She's Gone" is about any one of Wicks' ex-lovers. The singer tells Rolling Stone the three writers formed a composite of exes.

Listen to Chuck Wicks, "She’s Gone"

Chuck Wicks, “She’s Gone” Lyrics:

“She’s a rapid fire, coming down a one-way target range / She’s a first shot creeping up hit you just the right way / Take your love, lay it down, shoot a smile as you start to fall / She’s a money down, lose it all hit you like a reckon ball.”

"She’s gone / Yeah she’s gone / That girl she’s gone / Yeah she’s gone.”

She’s a walk through the wet wood wreckage of the house she burned / She’s a smoke still rising from the ashes from a lesson learned / She’s a black leather seat in the summer of a muscle car / She’s a fire red lipstick ready to leave her mark.”

“And she’s gone / She’s gone / She’s gone / She’s gone.”

“I guess I should have known it / I should have seen this coming / I put the blame on me right now.”

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