Not many female artists can make Cole Swindell nervous, but Reba McEntire? Whew. She gets his heart pumping!

Swindell recently got to meet the fiery country legend and admits to Taste of Country that he went totally fanboy. See, growing up, Swindell was a big fan of McEntire's music -- he even gives her credit with bringing him to country music!

“There was a guy that was friends with my mom, they grew up together and he just he knew I loved country music and he took me every year [to Reba's shows]," Swindell tells ToC's Billy Dukes. "All kinda folks toured with her so I saw so many artists. I mean, really, she was a big part of why I loved country music as a kid … I’d never met somebody like that."

Swindell, whose song 'Chillin' It' is a big hit at country radio, is becoming a big name in his own right, and he admits that he'd be honored if someone even felt an inkling about him that he does about the 'Fancy' singer.

"I just can’t believe if I make them feel a half of what that was," he says, thinking back to meeting McEntire. "I mean, that was cool."

Check out the video of the newcomer meeting McEntire -- it's a hoot!

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