To understand the value of dirt roads and hunting dogs, you've got to be born country, Colt Ford explains in his new song, 'Country Thang.'

The Georgia-born country rapper knows a thing or two about what it means to be country, and he lays out a guideline in this title track to his upcoming album. It's a "country thang," Ford discloses in the lyrics, followed by the first chorus:

"It's a fish on a string / Mary Jane chomping on a chicken wing / It's a tire swing on the river bank / It's the way we talk, it's the way we sing / It's either in your blood or it ain't / It's a country thang."

The honky-tonk style rap song continues to outline the simple pleasures enjoyed by country folk, with fun rhyming lines and catchy chorus breakdowns.

'Country Thang' is the first release from Ford's new album 'Close Friends and Bullets,' which is slated for release later this year. For more information on Colt Ford's upcoming album, visit his official website.

Listen to Colt Ford, 'Country Thang'

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