(Continued From Part 1)

One lyric on the album that may really make fans stop is on ‘Angels and Demons.’ You say “Sometimes I feel I sold my soul for a song.” What do you mean by that?

That song is me reflecting on my life. There’s times when you do feel that way in this business. Sometimes you wonder if all of it is really worth what it is. I think every artist would say that. I’ve never been more open and honest than I’ve been on this record. That song, I wanted that song to make people stop and pray.

Have you given serious thought to giving up before?

Yeah, absolutley. I can’t help but — and I realize I’ve had a tremendous amount of success, and I’m so thankful and blessed. But you can’t help but look around at other people and go, ‘Why won’t they play my song on the radio?’ That gets frustrating, man, I’ll be honest with you. I’m not gonna lie and say it’s not. Why won’t you give me a chance to be heard? If it doesn’t work I can deal with that.

Could this album be your last album?

Yeah, it could. Sure. I said a lot of the things I wanted to say on this record.

How much of that conflict has to do with having two teenagers and a wife at home?

A lot. As I'm talking to you right here today I'm in Omaha, Nebraska and she's in Athens, Ga. and this is our 18 year anniversary. My parents are getting older, and they're still in good health, but you miss a lot. I have to get play-by-play on baseball games from my son. You know, that's tough.

I play so much, but at the same time, I've had to because I haven't had the luxury of some of the other things that other people have. I'm not jealous of them. I'm happy for anybody that has success. I'm not a guy that says, 'How come them and not me?' I'm just saying, 'How about them and me?'

Has your oldest daughter brought home any boyfriends yet?

Oh yeah.

How does that go?

Well… I ain't no different than any other father, you know what I mean? I let the kids stand for themselves, but I wanna see someone that looks me in the eye and somebody that shakes my hand and knows how to stand up when somebody walks in a room. Good manners is what I wanna see. I demand it. I demand that out of myself and people that I work with and demand that out of my kids, my son. He's gonna say yes sir, no sir. He's gonna open the door. He's gonna take his hat off when he sits down to eat. I think that stuff's important. We need to get back to a lot of that in America to be quite honest with you.

We sense you've had to drop the law down once or twice on your kids or the boyfriends.

Absolutely. But that's important. That's my job.