Colt Ford is the first country music star with his very own brand of moonshine. The singer announced  that he's partnered with the Georgia Distilling Company and United Distributors to create a 90-proof moonshine called Goodtime Moonshine.

In addition, Ford worked on an 80-proof Goodtime Vodka. Both hit stores in Georgia and Tennessee on Wednesday, with national expansion expected quickly. "I wanted to have real moonshine made by real moonshiners and that is what I got," Ford said in a press release. "This took over a year to get the government to approve, and it is really special."

Fans who've witnessed the singer's live show won't be surprised to learn Ford is joining Toby Keith as country stars with their own brand of booze. Goodtime has been in the making for over a year, and Ford's show has been a beer swilling affair since he broke in to the country music scene in 2008. Ironically, despite encouraging a partying lifestyle, the singer doesn't drink onstage or off.

The name of the new alcohol comes from a popular song called 'Mr. Goodtime' on Ford's debut album, 'Ride Through the Country.' His newest album, 'Every Chance I Get,' was released in May of this year, featuring two singles, 'Country Thang' and 'She Likes to Ride in Trucks.'