Colt Ford's new song "We the People" isn't to be mistaken for a heavy, partisan political message. In fact, it's just the opposite. The new song encourages everyone to focus on what we have in common and celebrate together with good times and good tunes, and Ford is debuting his new lyric video for "We the People" in this Taste of Country exclusive.

"If you need a little turn it up Friday night / A crowd with their hands and their cans up high / Wanna raise one with the raise hell kind / We the people / We the people with the needle in the red on cruise / Out setting fire to a neon moon / Wrecking them back roads repping our roots / We the people," he sings in the chorus.

"To me, this song is perfect for where I am, where my fans are and where this country is," Ford tells us. "This is about everyone forgetting any worries they have and having fun with the music."

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Corey Crowder, James McNair and Brandon Kinney teamed to co-write "We the People," which is set to appear on a forthcoming album Ford has slated for release later in 2019. The track is premised around a mid-tempo rock groove that still retains some of the rhythmic elements that made him an ahead-of-his-time pioneer in country-rap years ago, but while Ford embellishes his vocal performance with some rhythmic flourishes as accents, this track isn't rap by anyone's standards, focusing more on melody to pull the listener in.

Ford recently kicked off his 2019 We the People summer tour. To keep up to date about his upcoming shows, visit his official website, or follow Ford via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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