Comedy Central will add Kid Rock to its list of celebrity roastees! Rock will join the esteemed, vaunted likes of  Donald Trump, David Hasselhoff and even his own ex-wife Pamela Anderson as the subject of a brutal, unrelenting Comedy Central Roast. Thicken up that skin, Kid. This one is gonna be harsh!

While Kid Rock doesn't seem like a shrinking violet or someone who would get upset at an event like this, these roasts do tend to get particularly raunchy and incredibly insulting for the "victim" as well as the fellow roasters, all the while providing endless entertainment for viewers. This one is sure to earn "can't miss" status.

'Comedy Central Roast of Kid Rock' is scheduled to tape on Sunday, August 14. Since Kid Rock has enjoyed a long and fruitful career hop scotching across genres and dappling in rap, rock, country and various amalgams of all three, along with a very public marriage and split with the blonde bombshell that is Anderson, there is plenty of source material for those who roast the star.

We will be tuning into the watch Bob Ritchie as he spins over the fire that is a Comedy Central Roast.

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