Here's some good news for Craig Campbell fans to sink their fangs into: The singer's autobiographical new single, the heart-wrenching, ripped from the fabric of real life ballad 'Family Man,' is scheduled to make a prominent TV appearance. The song will be used in the July 3 episode of HBO's massively popular vampire series 'True Blood.'

We are already wondering what type of scene the song will be used in ... perhaps during something that happens between main characters Sookie and Bill? As background music? We'll just have to tune in to find out, won't we?

Campbell co-wrote the song, and it will certainly receive a pop culture boost courtesy of its usage in one of the hottest series on premium cable at the moment! 'True Blood' airs at 9PM ET on HBO, so kick off the 4th of July festivities by watching this episode of 'True Blood' if you're a Craig Campbell fan. With the strength and sensitive nature of 'Family Man,' how could you not be a Campbell fan?

'Family Man' is the latest single from Campbell's self-titled debut album, and it yanks at the heart strings. Meanwhile, Campbell will spend his summer on tour with the legendary Willie Nelson as part of the Country Throwdown Tour.

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