Craig Morgan’s vocals soar once again with “I’ll Be Home Soon,” the new single from his A Whole Lot More To Me album. The mid-tempo country love song finds the singer building toward a cathartic chorus with each verse. It’s a formula that’s worked well for him.

Here, Morgan is assuring his lover that he’ll soon be there to ease her worries and rub away the stresses of life. “I’ll Be Home Soon” doesn’t describe any specific set of circumstances.  The Justin Ebach, Steven Dale Jones and John King-written ballad is open-ended, so any guy can sing it to his gal with sincerity and conviction.

Vocally, it’s difficult to argue with Morgan when he says he’s at the top of his game. He enjoys working the high end of his register before letting an arrangement fade as he near-whispers the final lines of the song. Everything about this song symbolizes strength. He sings a fine love song, and “I’ll Be Home Soon” adds to an already impressive catalog.

Did You Know?: "I'll Be Home Soon" is on Morgan's next album, A Whole Lot More To Me, scheduled for a June 3 release.

Listen to Craig Morgan, "I'll Be Home Soon"

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Craig Morgan, “I’ll Be Home Soon” Lyrics:

“You call me up / You ain’t even gotta say a single word I already know / It’s been one of those days honey / Something’s got ya stirred up / Weighed down like an anchor that you gotta drag around / But I know, just what you need.”

“And I’ll be home soon / To kiss away the world burn your troubles down / I’m gonna make you forget / When I’m holding you / There’s only room for us / Nothing else allowed / Tell all your worries / There ain’t much time left / It’s time to go / Cause I’ll be home soon.”

“Yeah I’m running reds / So I can run my fingers through your hair / Girl I can feel it now / And I’m coming for you honey / You can lay it on me / Every care, baby fall and I’ll be there to catch you / I’m on my way.”

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