While everybody else was enjoying the Grammy Awards this past Sunday, Feb. 13, former Army Ranger, EMT and Assistant Deputy Sheriff -- and country singer -- Craig Morgan was saving a few lives. "I didn't hesitate to help," Morgan tells Taste of Country. "I did what anyone else in the same position would have done. I just happened to be the one that was there."

Morgan had been on the road playing a few shows and had just returned to home in Dickson, Tenn. He tells radio hosts Big D and Bubba that he was in his car yesterday with his wife and two kids getting fuel when they smelled smoke.

One of his children informed him that a house nearby was burning. The country star didn't think much of it and told his son that they were probably just burning trash outside, but his wife then noticed the roof of a house was on fire.

That is when the 'That's What I Love About Sunday' singer and his two boys went over to the house, and he sent one of them to find a hose so they could start spraying it when a woman ran out screaming, "My kids are in there!"

Craig says, "So I ran in the house and it was smoked up. There was one guy probably 10-years-old or so, and he ran from me, of course. He was terrified because of the smoke. Another child came out of the bedroom and I grabbed him and gave him to the mom."

Thanks to his quick actions, the homeowner and her two sons got out safely, and the house only suffered minor damage. The country star had just started to put the flames out when the volunteer fire department showed up. Morgan simply says, "We extinguished the fire and I left."

With that all in a day's work attitude, the country star insists he didn't do anything that anyone else wouldn't have done themselves, so he says not to call him a hero. Morgan did take the chance to teach his own boys a few important life's lessons: "I told my kids, 'When you see something like that, that's what you do.'"