Craig Morgan wasn't too happy with a recent tweet from comic actor Seth Rogen, and he took to social media to let it be known.

Rogen mocked Clint Eastwood's latest movie, 'American Sniper,' which tells the story of Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in U.S. history: Directed by Eastwood, the film stars Bradley Cooper, who scored an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role. 'American Sniper' also scored Oscar nods for Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay, Film Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

The movie that shows in the third act of 'Inglourious Basterds' is a parody titled 'Nation's Pride,' a false Nazi propaganda film. Morgan -- who served 10 years of active duty in the Army, followed by a stint in the Army Reserve -- didn't care for that joke, as he made clear in a long post to Facebook.

"You are fortunate to enjoy the privilege and freedom of working in and living in the United States, and saying whatever you want (regardless of how ignorant the statement) thanks to people like Chris Kyle who serve in the United States military," Morgan wrote, calling Rogen's tweet "inaccurate and insensitive."

He added, "I'm sick and tired of people like you running your mouth when you have no idea what it takes for this country to maintain our freedoms. If you and anyone like you don't like it, leave."


Rogen later clarified his remarks, posting, "I wasn't comparing the two. Big difference between comparing and reminding. Apples remind me of oranges. Can't compare them, though. I just said something 'kinda reminded' me of something else. I actually liked 'American Sniper.' It just reminded me of the Tarantino scene."

Morgan's most recent album is 'The Journey (Livin' Hits). The second single from that collection, 'We'll Come Back Around,' is currently at country radio.

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