Craig Wayne Boyd's new song "Stuck in My Head" isn't lying — it will get stuck in yours, too. Bonus: you can learn the right words thanks to Taste of Country's exclusive premiere of the lyric video.

Written by Arlis Albritton, Brian Davis and George Ducas, "Stuck in My Head" is the first song Boyd recorded for his upcoming album, Top Shelf. He felt compelled to make it the first pick, as it reminds him if his wife, Taylor Borland.

"When I first heard the song, I was like, 'This is one I definitely need to record,'" Boyd says. "Just like it does to everyone else, when I first heard, it got stuck in my head. I was like 'Man, this is amazing.'"

The laid-back "Stuck in My Head" lyric video shows The Voice winner in the studio with his band, working hard to piece Top Shelf together as the catchy song plays overheard and hand-written lyrics appear onscreen. The clip opens with a beautiful aerial shot of downtown Nashville, followed by equally lovely scenes from the farm where Boyd recorded the track.

The concept came about when Boyd decided to record the album's entirety with an acoustic band — he used clips from the session for the lyric video. The studio where he recorded is housed in Kenny Rogers' former home, and the beautiful outdoor shots were taken outside on the farm.

It "was just gorgeous and put us in the right mindset," Boyd recalls.

His wife played a significant role in the album's creation — Boyd reflected on the positive place he's in in life and turned it into music. "It was a song that I related to because, as most of this album is, it's about meeting my wife," he explains. "She was definitely a heavy inspiration in this album. I feel like the album overall is basically about where I'm at in life at the moment and feeling comfortable and being happy."

Top Shelf drops on Oct. 27.

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