Car rides can be cumbersome for any two-year-old, but that's not the case for little Greyson. He takes the opportunity -- while strapped in a car seat -- to belt out Ronnie Dunn's newest hit 'Kiss You There.' The car is his stage, and he lights it up. He may not know all the words, but he does know which ones are important. 

Toward the middle of the video, Greyson gets super passionate, yelling at the top of his little lungs, "I wanna kiss you!" In fact, those are really the only words he knows of Dunn's hit -- but those four words are enough to melt the heart of anyone. Coupled with his adorable head bobs, and big brown eyes, Greyson's performance is irresistible, especially toward the end -- when he gets a little warbly. Is there anything cuter than a two-year-old who just wants to kiss you? We think not.

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