What are you waiting for — haven't you heard? Hang the stockings and trim the tree, because it's "Officially Christmas," per Dan + Shay.

The duo's new Christmas song already feels like a timeless classic. It's got the bells and the horns, it's got the romance and the charm ... What more could you want? If you're looking for a super nostalgic music video, they've covered that, too.

After teasing us on social media, looking quite dashing in their tuxedos, we now know what these two were so dressed up for. Spoiler alert: It wasn't to serve us dinner. If you're confused, check the caption below.

The "Officially Christmas" video opens with a family cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner as the clock moves closer to midnight. In the final countdown, Dan + Shay appear on the television to kick off what seems to be a retro holiday special.

Once the clock strikes 12, they snip a red ribbon and usher in the holiday season. While the duo sing on the screen, the family decorates for Christmas.

Hot off the release of "Officially Christmas," Dan + Shay will take the Christmas spirit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, Dec. 6.

It's not the first holiday song the pair have released. In 2020, they put out their first two with "Take Me Home for Christmas" and "Christmas Isn't Christmas." Combined, the songs were streamed nearly 100 million times. Earlier this year they also put out an Amazon Original tilted "Pick Out a Christmas Tree."

Over the years, Dan + Shay have been asked about making a full-length Christmas album, and in 2018 they said they would like to make one eventually. Now, four holiday songs in, we'd say they are pretty close to making that a reality.

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