Danielle Bradbery's life has changed a whole lot since she won Season 4 of 'The Voice,' but the 17-year-old is trying to stay the same Texas girl she's always been.

"I still feel like I'm the teenage girl in Cypress, Texas," she tells Sam Alex, host of Taste of Country Nights. Although the high school junior isn't attending her public school anymore, she says being homeschooled is going well, and she does try to stop by on her old stomping grounds on occasion.

As far as her buddies are concerned, Bradbery says she's not letting her old friends go.

"I still try to keep in contact with everybody," the young singer spills. But that doesn't mean she's going to throw a party and invite her 'The Voice' mentor Blake Shelton along to hang with her home friends. "I keep ‘em separate, because you never know,” she adds with a laugh.

Bradbery still has one more year of high school before she has to decide on whether or not to attend college -- but she hasn't made up her mind yet.

“I’m thinking about it," the 'The Heart of Dixie' singer shares. "If that day comes, I will surely take it.”

Being a music lover, we assume Bradbery would want to major in just that -- but she says she is very open to college majors. "I mean I’m interested in anything,” she says. “I don’t know. I love animals."

For now, the budding star is focusing on high school, and, of course, her singing career. Currently, she's on tour with Brad Paisley, and this summer she'll join Hunter Hayes out on the road.

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