It's bound to be exciting when you're 17 and out on the road with one of country's biggest superstars. For Danielle Bradbery, it's a double dose of thrill, as she's not only touring with Brad Paisley, but her entire family are already huge fans of the singer.

Bradbery is with Paisley for his Beat This Winter Tour, and it's pretty safe to say that the whole family is ecstatic about her touring break -- but not just because they love songs like 'I Can't Change the World.'

“My family is a really big fan of Brad Paisley, and I mean not just with his music," explains Bradbery. "But I mean you can tell he’s an amazing person and he is.”

She and her family have especially been impressed by the star's openness in helping emerging artists. Paisley often takes young musical acts on his tours, giving them the chance to be heard as they're starting out and spreading their wings.

"The fact that he opens his arms to, not only any artist but the young talent that are trying to get their voices out there and that are just starting, and he’s willing to kind of give a boost and help you and that just shows a lot about him, which is awesome,” Bradbery says.

Before she was a household name, Paisley even took a young Taylor Swift on the road. In fact, when Swift received the Pinnacle Award at the 2013 CMA Awards, she made sure to thank Paisley, saying, "Brad Paisley, who I toured with for nine months … I sat on a speaker by the side of the stage and watched him every single night."

Judging from Swift's words, Bradbery will certainly learn a lot from the seasoned star on tour! And even better, the Bradbery family can rest easy knowing their young daughter is in good hands. The Beat This Winter Tour, which also includes Chris Young, will run through March 1.