With the end of football season rapidly approaching --it's tomorrow-- football lovers everywhere are wondering how they will spend their Sundays moving forward and they're not alone. Danielle Bradbery is a football lover who thrives on the excitement of football season.

Bradbery isn't your average teenage girl. She's not only busy doing her high school classwork; she's also touring with Brad Paisley and promoting her debut single 'The Heart of Dixie.'

When the 17-year-old gets the occasional downtime, she turns the TV on to catch up on sports.

“I love sports,” she said in a release. "And actually, in high school, I loved being in track and I loved going to our high school football games and baseball games.”

She says her favorite sport is definitely football and when she can, she likes cheering on her team at games. Bradbery hails from Texas, so her preferred pro team may not surprise you.

“Football season is the most exciting and I love going to games, and I’m a big Texans fan, being from Houston," she said. "Sports -- I’m all up for that.”

The 'Voice' Season 4 winner is currently enjoying a break before she picks returns to touring beginning on Feb. 13 in New York. So the singer may get a chance to catch the Super Bowl.

If you want to catch Bradbery on the road, she has dates through the summer. Full tour dates are listed on her website.

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