'Whatever She's Got' represents a new sound -- and new look -- for David Nail. The 'Let It Rain' singer previously relied on a strong voice and bittersweet lyrics to work songs up the charts. The new track is pop-friendly and not nearly as deep.

Toward the end, 'Whatever She's Got' becomes a little boy-bandish, with the singer joining a small choir for harmonies. Banjo and electric guitar noodling keep flashbacks of 'N Sync out of one's head, but the there are few lyrics that deliver a punch to remember. Fortunately, there's a big, fat hook to rely on during the chorus.

"She got the blue jeans painted on tight / That everybody wants on a Saturday night / She got the mood ring, she’s never the same / She’s sun one minute then she’s pouring down rain," Nail sings on this first release from an upcoming album. "And she’ll do whatever she wants / And when she moves every jaw’s gonna drop / And I do but I don’t want her to stop / I want, I want, I want / Whatever she’s got."

'Whatever She's Got' is not a showcase for Nail's vocals, so the strength of lyrics and production are asked to carry the track. Both are fun, but but nondescript. "Tell your mind before you thought it / What you thought your plan was park it / To figure out where your heart is so twisted up," he offers during the second verse.

"Have you spendin’ every weekend / And every penny you’ve been keepin’ / Just to figure out what she’s thinkin’ when you’re thinkin’ it’s love."

There tends to be a rush to release carefree, sassy summer songs this time of year and "Whatever She's Got' falls in that category. Much like sun tans and bikinis, this song risks being forgotten by October.

2.5 Stars

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