Devin Dawson's "Asking for a Friend" video will have you seeing quintuple. The country singer takes on multiple personas to win back the woman of his dreams in the official video for his second single.

Set inside a swanky, but desolate cocktail bar, Dawson appears as various versions of himself to try and earn a second chance in a failed relationship. Shot entirely in black and white, five different versions of Dawson approach a woman sitting alone at the bar, each distinguished by a different style of clothing: a leather jacket, blazer, flannel shirt, sweatshirt and T-shirt.

Even Better? This Raw Version of "Asking for a Friend"

The first alter ego — sporting a sharp blazer — pleads: "He ain't ever been any good at laying it all out on the line / I swear down deep, believe me girl, he's a really good guy / If you can find it in your heart just to cut him some slack / He'll be Johnny-on-the-spot here in two seconds flat."

The next Dawson comes in wearing a sweatshirt for the second verse. It's the version of Dawson in the leather jacket who makes a final attempt, but the video cuts out before we discover if she decides to take him back.

"Asking for a Friend" is the second release off Dawson's debut album Dark Horse. Dawson was Taste of Country's kickoff RISER act for 2018.

"It’s just a quintessential country song. It takes you through the story, peels back the layers, lets you in a little bit at a time but never really gives you how it finishes or how it ends. That’s how I learned to write songs … so it’s really full circle moment for me," he explains of "Asking for a Friend."

Dawson is on the extension of Brett Eldredge's the Long Way Tour throughout the fall.

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