Diamond Rio, the Christian country music group, celebrate 20 years since 'Close to the Edge' was released. The album came out on October 27, 1992, via Arista. It was the six-piece group's second album, and it followed the sonic style of their debut.

Hit singles were 'In a Week or Two,' 'Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby,' 'This Romeo Ain't Got Juliet Yet' and 'Sawmill Road.'

It was 'In a Week or Two' that did best, chart-wise, landing at No. 2, while 'Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby' was also a hit, lodging itself in the No. 5 slot. It was familiar to country fans, since it was recorded by George Strait in 1989 on 'Beyond the Blue Neon.'

Entertainment Weekly praised the songs as "tuneful, well written, and occasionally affecting," celebrating the "authentically twangy vocals, layered bluegrass harmonies, and soulful mandolin fills." All Music liked the record, but criticized the penchant for bad rhyming puns, such as 'This Romeo Ain't Got Juliet Yet.'

The record was a success. It eventually went gold, selling 500,000 copies.


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