There are many men who long to have a son -- especially if they are surrounded by girls (and their wife) all the time. But although Dierks Bentley and his wife Cassidy are expecting a baby boy (their third child and first son) at the end of the month, the singer says that right now, with the joy his two girls bring him, he couldn't imagine ever being happier.

The soon-to-be father of three is incredibly proud to talk about his daughters Evie, 5, and Jordan, 2. Bentley tells People, “I have two girls that are so awesome … I can’t imagine being any happier or wanting anything more."

Life with his ladies is awesome, but Bentley says it's not always easy work. "We already feel outnumbered -- one kid outnumbers you!" he jokes. "They have a different way of doing math. Early years are tough, but it’s so fun right now."

Thankfully, although having a boy will be new territory, the Bentley family seems pretty well prepped for a little more testosterone. The 'I Hold On' singer (who has threatened he'll name the baby after pal Luke Bryan) says, "I have no idea what to expect, but we’re really excited and looking forward to it."

“I already do some boy things with the girls," Bentley furthers. "They love going on the four wheeler. I got them a little Barbie jeep, which they’ll ride in together. Then a friend of mine donated his [child's old one], so I ride in that and chase them down. I crash into them and try to run them off the driveway. I’m pretty rambunctious with them."

"They love going camping and fishing," he continues. "I do a lot of that stuff with the girls anyway, so it’ll just be an extension of that with a boy. I love being outdoors so I’m just looking forward to passing that on to the girls and our son."

We do know one thing: baby boy Bentley will probably be roped into lots and lots of dress-up with his sisters. Right now, it's the singer who stands in as their prince. "Sometimes they put on shows and they need a prince -- got to get my prince moves down," he admits. "Whatever they want -- I don’t have a costume, just dancing and twirling them around."

Bentley's family life sounds pretty sweet, and it's about to get sweeter with their tiny bundle of joy who will soon make his appearance. In early 2014, the singer will perform at the first-ever Tropical Nights: Boots in the Sand event in Mexico. He will be joined by Brantley Gilbert, Jana Kramer and Billy Currington. Get more info here.