Dierks Bentley didn't have to go too far in searching for his leading lady in his new music video, "Black." The title track off his latest release is based upon his wife, whose maiden name happens to be Black.

"I had the idea of putting my wife in the video, which is totally taking her out of her comfort zone, but I just couldn’t imagine doing a video for this song without her in it and she reluctantly agreed … but then totally  it," Bentley says in a press release. "It wouldn’t have been genuine without her."

The nearly four-minute Wes Edwards-directed clip was shot in four remote locations in Iceland. The video begins with Bentley finding himself alone among plane wreckage on a deserted beach. Moments later, he finds a mysterious woman guiding him along the picturesque landscape. The woman is his wife, fittingly all dressed in black, and she leads him into a cave for some steamy scenes. Watch "Black" above.

“We’ve been talking about Iceland as a location since before I even released the album last year, but I never thought we’d actually go. The next thing I know, there’s a shoot booked and we are standing on the side of a glacier half-dressed,” Bentley explains. “The crew wasn’t kidding around….it was four long, cold days in some really treacherous conditions. We were on a lot of the same locations that Game Of Thrones and the Star Wars films have shot, and it’s just crazy what those people go through every day. I think the end result is something really special, and it was a trip of a lifetime for everyone involved."

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