Warning: Don't watch Dierks Bentley's new 'Grab a Beer' video if you're really thirsty. Close-up shots of the bubbly cold stuff combined with a montage of Bentley rocking out on stage and in the studio will make you want to stop what you're doing, kick back and crack open a cold one. As if the song isn't obvious enough, in the video for 'Grab a Beer,' Bentley has no qualms about demonstrating how much he loves a cold beer.

Judging by the song, Bentley doesn't think there is any occasion that's not appropriate for grabbing a beer. As he sings, if it's the end of the day, or you're out fishing, or you're just chilling at home, you better have a beer in hand.

As far as the music video goes, it's pretty much exactly what you'd imagine: Bentley and his band are having an awesome time while fans raise their beer glasses in appreciation. The black-and-white montage is the perfect fit for the country star's fun, bubbly hit song. It's a challenge to watch the video without wanting to get up and dance, and maybe run to the fridge for a cold brew.

'Grab a Beer' is just one of the beverage-related songs on Bentley's five-song 'Country and Cold Cans' EP. Are you sensing a theme here? Although some of his fans might be worried about Bentley's fascination with brewskies, it's important to take these songs for what they are: fun country tunes to enjoy. Maybe even with a beer in hand.

Watch Dierks Bentley's 'Grab a Beer' Video