While it may be true that Dierks Bentley is no Justin Bieber, in the annual Music Issue of Esquire the curly-haired singer-songwriter dishes that he can still write songs that help him win women over -- and he wants to help other guys to do the same.

"Avoid the generic," Bentley instructs in a guest column for the magazine. "The only reason Justin Bieber can get away with a whole chorus that uses only the words 'baby' and 'ooh' is because he's Justin Bieber. Specificity and originality beats cliché every time."

The 'Draw Me a Map' singer's involvement in the issue marks the second time he's been apart of Esquire's musical montage. Now, the ladies' man of country music wants to share the wealth with fellow men.

In his funny article, he stresses that eye contact is a good tool for pocketing ladies' attention. "When I perform, I always look at specific people to read their energy and feel what's going on in the room," he admits. "The more they get into it, the more my energy level goes up. The bottom line is: Look at her."

"And if you screw up, it's no big deal. When I forget the words during a show, I rewrite them on the spot. No one ever seems to mind. She won't either," he adds -- and goes on to suggest some quick rhymes for those high-pressure moments. "Some emergency rhymes: Crazy/baby, girl/world, apart/heart, desire/fire. The key to screwing up a song is to laugh it off and press on. No matter what happens, good things are waiting for you after that last note."

Bentley continues that the key to success in winning over a woman is the ultimate airbrush: an acoustic guitar. "It's portable and every guy looks good playing it," he says. "And it suggests an appropriate measure of sensitivity."

Bentley's 'How to Write a Song (for a Woman)' piece appears in the latest issue of Esquire, on newsstands on April 26.