Following a recent performance in Montana, Dierks Bentley decided it was time to film another webisode for his DBTV series -- and he had a great reason. Prior to the show, Bentley held a meet and greet with his fans, as he usually does, when one gentleman asked if he could have the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend during Bentley's hit, 'My Last Name.'

"I normally don't do [that] because it's tough to do in the middle of the show, [but] he sweet-talked me," Bentley explains in the video, prior to bringing the fan and his lady friend on board the tour bus. "He was a nice guy. We're hopefully going to make his night ... make his year ... hopefully make his life!"

Bentley brought the couple on the bus, and as he strummed on his acoustic guitar, he 'contemplated' what song to sing. When 'My Last Name' was suggested, Bentley proceeded to sing the ballad, with a little help in the end from his fan, who was obviously in on the set-up. During the final verse, where the 'What Was I Thinking' singer asks to give his last name to the girl in the song, the young man pulled a box out of his pocket and asked the big question. Shocked and surprised, his girl said yes.

After the proposal, the fan beamed as he clutched onto his new fiance. He remarked, "That was the most amazing thing."

Watch Dierks Bentley Help a Fan With His Marriage Proposal