Dierks Bentley explores the ups and downs of love on his forthcoming eighth studio album, Black. In advance of the album's release, Bentley will reveal a series of videos that follow four of the songs from the album. The first episode in the series is his new song "I'll Be the Moon," which features Maren Morris.

"We first recorded it just me, but the song looks at a relationship from a different angle, where the girl is instigating the deceit," he shares with Rolling Stone Country. "So, I felt like it needed a female voice, and I started to hear it more as a duet. I love the perspective Maren adds; there’s weight to her voice."

The video brings the song to life as a woman is shown in two relationships; one man at home, and one she seeks out at night. On the song, Bentley emotionally sings, "He can be the sun, yeah I'll be the moon."

"'I’ll Be The Moon' is a pivotal part of the flow of this record and is where the storyline of the couple in this series begins," he explains.

Three additional videos will follow as the story between the characters develop. Wes Edwards directed each video, and the remaining three will premiere in the coming weeks in advance of the album's release.

“It’s a relationship album that covers the ups and downs of the journey and ends with some self-realization and evolvement,” Bentley says of Black. “The song ‘Black’ helps set all of that in motion at the top of the album by guiding you into the darkness and the shadows of the night. The same guy who sings ‘Somewhere On a Beach’ winds up growing and having enough perspective to sing something introspective like ‘Different for Girls.’ By the last song, he’s taking a look back on love and life.”

Black is set for release on May 27.

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