Dierks Bentley's got a generous heart and a pointed interest in supporting our troops and their families, especially those in need. The country singer gifted a military family who needed a little help with a $50,000 donation on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Wednesday, and he was met with a hug from a uniformed officer and his wife, who shed tears of joy over Bentley's financial contribution on their behalf.

Ellen said she gets tons of letters from military personnel and that she knows supporting the troops is especially important to Bentley. She read a letter about a young military couple with a baby that has faced incredible hardships, and then brought the pair onstage.

Apparently, the husband is about to be deployed to Afghanistan for the second time. He shared that he is in the infantry division, essentially in charge of "big tanks with rubber wheels." He explained, "I am the commander of the vehicle, command where it goes." That sounds like a big, important job!

He also revealed that he lost an index finger when a leftover round exploded atop a vehicle. It was a freak accident, but he manages and has an enviably positive attitude. Despite his job with the military, the couple still struggles to pay bills and had to get creative to make ends meet, selling items they no longer need on Craig's List.

That's when Bentley, who was seated next to them, reached behind the famous couch to present them with one of those massive photo op checks in the amount of $50,000. Assuredly, Dierks Bentley just made their day -- and ours. High five, Dierks!

Watch Dierks Bentley Give to a Military Family on 'Ellen'