Dierks Bentley's new 'Riser' album hits stores and digital retailers on Tuesday (Feb. 25). The singer calls it his most personal album to date, and says the current single 'I Hold On' is his favorite radio single ever. During an interview with Taste of Country Nights' Sam Alex, Bentley opens up about the music, his family, his trips to the White House and his wife Cassidy's Toyota Prius. 

Fans struggle with him driving a Prius, Bentley tells Alex, ToC Nights' new host. “They see me pulling up somewhere and I get out of my wife’s car and they’re like ‘You … you’re in a Prius,'" the star admits. "I’m like ‘I still got the truck, I just jumped in this car to go get some eggs.’”

“You’re not gonna have any songs about the Prius," he adds hilariously.

The singer also touches on his two trips to the White House during the interview, recalling how daughter Evie broke the ice during the second. “She left like apple trails all over the Oval office and the White House," Bentley shares.

Of course, his focus is the music -- specifically the song 'I Hold On.' It was written after his dad died, and Bentley found himself recalling their time together and the long road trip they took to Nashville in the same white truck he owns today.

The Phoenix native ponders why he holds on to things like trucks and guitars. “Only in a country song can you compare your truck and an old beat up guitar to your wife, and have it be a love song,” he says, laughing. “In country music, that works!”

Taste of Country Nights airs on over 50 radio stations nationwide. In addition to new music, Bentley is excited for his 'CMT: Crossroads' experience with OneRepublic to air. He's also got a new documentary and a headlining tour planned for the summer. Look for him at the Taste of Country Music Festival this June 13-15.

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