It's hard to believe that Dolly Parton experienced a first in her career last week, so deep into the legendary singer's success in country music. Friday morning (Aug. 10), Parton's label -- Dolly Records -- earned its first gold-selling album for her Cracker Barrel double-disc, 'An Evening With ... Dolly.' In addition to it being the first big-selling album for her record label, it was also the first gold-selling project for Cracker Barrel.

Everyone was all smiles Friday as Parton and her team were recognized for the success, appropriately held at Dolly Records. "Somebody [asked me], 'Where are you going to put your awards?," Parton told Taste of Country and other reporters at the party. "I'm lucky because I have the museum at Dollywood, and that's going to go in a special place because I'm very proud to be working with Cracker Barrel. They are the best people in the world. I think we made a wonderful, wonderful team.

"You never get tired of [being honored for your work]," she continued. "You never get too old or too callused to enjoy the success. And at my age, I'm happy to get anything in this business!"

Following the meeting with the press, those in attendance were able to enjoy a breakfast spread, compliments of Cracker Barrel, of course.

'An Evening With ... Dolly' is still available for purchase at all Cracker Barrel locations, as well as online through the store's official website.

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