One of Dolly Parton's siblings appears on the season finale of To Tell the Truth on Tuesday night (March 23), and it causes one of the celebrity guests to have a hilarious fan moment.

During the finale, host Anthony Anderson asks a celebrity panel consisting of Sherri Shepherd, Gabriel Iglesias and Karamo Brown to identify which of three mystery guests is, in fact, one of Parton's siblings, based on their responses to a series of questions from the stars.

The guests gamely answer questions ranging from Parton's bra size to whether they also sing. When it comes to Brown's turn to ask a question, he beams at the guests and says, "This is very exciting for me, because Dolly is like the original Beyonce for me," which causes Anderson, who is also the star of black-ish, to explode into laughter.

"So I'm very excited right now that I'm about to touch one of y'all," Brown adds.

The exclusive preview clip below is premiering via Taste of Country in advance of the To Tell the Truth finale.

The sneak peek doesn't reveal the true identity of Parton's sibling, but fans who are familiar with the country icon's family won't have too hard a time figuring out which contestant really is tied to Parton, since that person has also had a long career in country music.

The identity of Parton's sibling will be revealed when the season finale of To Tell the Truth airs on Tuesday night at 8PM ET on ABC. New episodes are also available for streaming the following day via and Hulu.

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