Dolly Parton may be making her media rounds in support of her new book, 'Dream More: Celebrating the Dreamer in You,' but the country icon herself is the one making unlikely dreams come true for others.

During a recent visit to 'The Colbert Report' set (Nov. 27), the country music legend fulfilled the comedy host's dream of singing with his childhood idol, performing with Colbert on 'Love Is Like a Butterfly,' the No. 1 smash hit from her 1974 album of the same name.

"As a little boy growing up in South Carolina, I watched the 'The Porter Wagoner Show,'" confessed Colbert (quote via The Boot). "Huge country music show, Saturday afternoons, right after the cartoons were over. I always had to see whether Dolly was gonna be on the show. I had a little crush on you."

Colbert also admitted that he often dreams about "fighting bears," to which Parton replied, "Well, you probably do. But you need to dream more."

"This little book talks about dreamin' more and actually being able to put wings and legs and arms on your dreams. In other words, get out and make 'em come true," admits the humanitarian.

As for any misconceptions that the 66-year-old Parton plans to slow down anytime soon, the sharp-tongued superstar dismissed rumors, saying, "I just want to do more of the same stuff. I just kind of wake up with new dreams every day."

"I never know what I'm gonna do next," she added. Judging by her extensive list of accomplishments and accolades, it's tough to imagine what the mogul has up her glittered sleeves for 2013.

'Dream More: Celebrating the Dreamer In You' was released Tuesday (Nov. 27), and is now available to the general public at most books stores and online. All proceeds from the sales of the inspirational book go directly to Parton's Imagination Library foundation, a Tennessee-based goodwill effort that provides every child in her hometown of Sevierville, Tenn. with one book a month from the time they're born until the time they start school, in order to promote literacy.