Dustin Lynch got a little more than he was expecting while playing a show at the Mullet Festival in Niceville, Florida on Friday (Oct. 17). While Lynch was finishing a cover song, one not-so-nice fan got a little too excited and hurled a full beer can toward the stage, which hit the country singer in the face.

According to People, Lynch was putting the finishing touches on his cover of Garth Brooks' 'Friends in Low Places' when a fan threw a beer can. Video shows the 'Where It's At' hitmaker flinching when it hits him.

"Who threw the beer can?" he asks the crowd, sounding appropriately annoyed.

"I was walking down the catwalk and just wham, out of nowhere this beer can just nailed me in the face," he tells People after the fact. "It was a completely full can and it felt like a baseball had hit me."

Fans pointed fingers toward the perpetrator, which apparently led to a small fight breaking out. Lynch's face was bloody after the incident, and following the show, he was taken to the hospital to get stitches.

Like a true pro, Lynch finished the show, but called it "bloodier than usual." Unfortunately, the singer says the accused got away.

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