LeAnn Rimes' husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, has responded publicly to accusations his ex-wife made about the singer in an interview, saying flatly that she is lying.

Rimes sparked controversy when she engaged in an affair with Cibrian six years ago, and Cibrian’s ex, Brandi Glanville of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame, says they still have one particular issue between them. Glanville spilled to Podcast One's Nik Richie that she has a hard time with Rimes posting photos on social media with Glanville’s children.

"I have an issue with her posting pictures of my children on holidays. It's horrible. If my ex-husband, if their dad isn't posting pictures, why is she?” says Glanville, who was married to Cibrian for eight years.

Rimes is stepmom to Cibrian and Glanville’s two sons, Mason, 12, and Jake, 8. The artist has posted photos with the boys and her husband on Instagram, which Glanville says is difficult for her to see.

"I tucked my tail and went 'Please, just around the holidays, don't do it.' And she's like, 'It's my family too and I'm gonna do whatever I want,'" says Glanville, who adds that she's now resigned herself to the reality of the situation. "I begged and tried for so many years to get things to change and they haven't, so I have to just f---ing accept it that I'll see pictures of my kids on Thanksgiving in a horse drawn carriage looking perfectly happy and I'll cry myself to sleep."

Cibrian tells People that Glanville's account is simply not true.

"Brandi is lying," he says. "She lies for the sake of publicity and she has to bring in my wife unfortunately for it to make headlines. It isn't fair. She never asked LeAnn to not post pictures of the kids during the holidays, ever. They don't even talk!"

He adds that his kids have a happy relationship with his wife. "The kids have lived in a household with LeAnn and me longer than they ever lived in a household with me and Brandi," he points out. "This is normal."

The actor calls it "disheartening" that his kids can't get online without seeing the negativity, adding that it's been long enough for everyone to move on.

"It's unfair for LeAnn," says Cibrian. "What has she done? Nothing, but love the children ... [our sons] have a mother who loves them, and a father and a stepmother who loves them. That's all that should matter."

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